Tung Nam Lou Hotel is dedicated in giving its visitors an art and cultural experience unlike any other hotelier.


Immersing art and culture in your life, we have created a “Yau Ma Tei Community Map” which introduces landmarks, historically-rich roads and alleyways, architecture and shops so you can truly get a feel of the local culture.


Every time you visit Tung Nam Lou, you will gain new perspectives. Whichever of your five senses—sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch are engaged in art, you will be able to personally experience art and culture. There will be opportunities for you to get up close with artists so they can share their ideas and creative journeys with you.


We organise various workshops and events, so you can try out new experiences and meet new friends from different backgrounds—fostering communication and exchange of ideas.

Giving and Receiving

Our hotel encompasses an art space and Art Shop which houses artists’ work, for appreciation and for purchase. Whether you want to bring a beloved piece of art home or show your talents at our co-working space, our platform brings art collectors and artists together.


Branded as the new “Yung Shue Tau” (an iconic public square in Yau Ma Tei but also the well-known gathering place for citizens in this community back in its heyday), every corner of our hotel will weave libraries of stories. Our aim is to ensure every visitor can engage in our facilities and interact with others for an exciting experience here.

Visit us anytime and we’ll indulge in your every whim.