Lo Chi Ching is the founder of Tung Nam Lou and his vision has always been to encourage art as the medium to strengthen interactions among people. As an entrepreneur from Puning, he came to Hong Kong in the 1930s to build his culinary business and set up Tung Nam Lau Restaurant in the year of 1950. Improving public and social welfare, education and promoting art were his visionary goals but he also offered help to his hometown, Puning. To fully embrace Lo’s vision, Tung Nam Lau Restaurant has been given a new life in the form of Tung Nam Lou—a place where art and cultural interactions are not limited by any restrictions, bringing people closer together.


Established Tung Nam Lau Restaurant which offered Cantonese cuisine at 68 Portland Street, Yau Ma Tei.


Lo continued to work towards his goals of improving public and social welfare and education by funding the construction of Puning Overseas Chinese Middle School.


Lo’s beliefs were to treat his neighbours just as he would treat his family—leading him to initiate the construction of Mulin Road, literally means neighbours living in harmony. This main road leading to Liusha Town between Mazha Village and Sizhupa Village would benefit them greatly in ensuring transportation to be more convenient for its citizens.


Tung Nam Lau Restaurant renovated to become Tung Nam Lou Commercial Centre.


Construction of Puning Culture and Art Museum completed and fully supported by the Lo’s family.


Tung Nam Lou has been revitalised into a hotel and co-working space, bringing forward Lo’s vision to uplift art and culture among the society.