Every visitor receives the warmest welcome once they walk through the doors of Tung Nam Lou as our Community Team attentively engage with each and every individual. Whether you are here to work or to indulge art and cultural experiences, we thrive to make your life journey as motivational and meaning as possible.


Art and culture can enhance interactions between different industries and artists so that interactions set in beyond imagination.

The combination of being a hotel, co-working space and art shop, gives us the luxury of bringing international travellers and artists together. Artists from all backgrounds leaving their footsteps here and guests who appreciate art staying at Tung Nam Lou, you can be rest assured that our network is constantly evolving. Opportunities for impromptu meetings where innovative ideas are shared and partnerships are developed. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Community Team in arranging working partnerships.


As a fluid and flexible space, our Tung Nam Heritage shop portrays an array of artwork, while the hotel and co-working space offer you to delve into art of all kinds throughout the different levels. Even our back stairs have been taken over by our artists’ creations, proving to you that creativity exists everywhere and the possibilities to unleash your art are countless.


With every visit to Tung Nam Lou, you will encounter new experiences and be energised.

Creativity is the root of a brand and advertising often brings out various definitions, and even surprises the audience. With the numerous art talks, sharing sessions, exhibitions and creative workshops Tung Nam Lou curates, we strive to be an ever-changing space. Whether you are from the general public, an artist or simply a visitor, we want to engage with each and every one of you to be inspired.