Art For All

There are no limits in art

Art can have completely different meanings for everyone and evolves with our emotions. Art should be embedded in our society and culture. Tung Nam Lou believes that everyone has the right to appreciate and create art, which is why we offer an art and cultural space. No matter who you are or what kind of art you do, you are all welcome to mingle and share your experiences, to truly build the meaning of “Art for All”. We encourage you to visit Tung Nam Lou and experience art through different ways and express your views.

ART PUB – room 68

The epitome of what art should be.

Our Art Pub, room68, is a welcoming atmosphere for artists of all sorts to get together with the public and discuss any topic of interest. Join in events and workshops or admire the array of art on display—stimulating interesting discussions of art which could change your views on culture, leading you to grow with the community at large.


With every visit to Tung Nam Lou, you will encounter new experiences and be energised.

We organise different themed events including workshops, discussions, exhibitions and innovative experiences so you can be sure that we are constantly evolving as an art and cultural space.


Unleash your creativity here, there and everywhere.

At Tung Nam Lou, we provide an interactive space for art, giving the freedom to artists to organise events and exhibitions. At every corner, you will be delighted by art creations.


Art Community

Tung Nam Lou is a home for artists, giving them the space to inspire and create together.

Our community is one which brings local and western artists into one place and through collaborations and knowledge sharing. Our space is more than a place as we hope to give more opportunities for artists to showcase and connect with other artists as well as the public.